Indexing Research Papers & Articles
Leading International Journals
Complete List of Indexed Journal will be published on January 2014

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is a professional association headquartered in New York City that is dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence.

Springer is a global publishing company that publishes books, e-books and peer-reviewed journals in science, technical and medical publishing.

Elsevier B.V. is a publishing company which publishes medical and scientific literature.

Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology.

Australian Journal of Teacher Education.

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    Publisher Research Paper Submission

    Publisher need to signup to submit the research paper. Need to provide the complete information about submitted paper in submission form. Each submission will be reviewed by our content experts and later it will be announced if approved. 

    Publisher can contact  to know more about bulk submission. Our technical team will provide the xml/text format for bulk submission.

    Author Research Paper Submission

    Authors can also index their published papers. To submit the paper author need to Signup and  provide the complete information about submitted paper in submission form.


    Take responsibility

    Because putting articles on European Research Library entails certain responsibilities, authors must make their own submissions. Third-party submissions (by secretaries for example) are often the ones that cause the most problems, presumably due to lack of self-interest and related factors.


    File names and case sensitivity

    European Research Library will accept only the following characters in file names:

    a-z A-Z 0-9 _ + -

    The presence of any other character (e.g. spaces, question marks, asterisks, etc.) will cause the system to reject the file upload or submission. These restrictions ensure maximum portability of the stored files and minimize archival risk.

    File names and extensions are also case sensitive on our system. The file names Figure1.PDF and figure1.pdf are not the same. Whether your local system is case sensitive (e.g. Unix) or not (e.g. Windows) you must ensure that internal file references such as LaTeX figure inclusion commands match case exactly.