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  1. Influence of Growth Temperature on the Photoluminescence of ZnONanomaterial
    Alvin NoeLadines,Gil Nonato C. Santos
    This study investigates the effect of growth temperature on the photoluminescence spectra of zinc oxide

    Published: Journal: ? nanomaterials, photoluminescense, scanning electron microscopy, thermal evaporation, vapor-solid growth, X-ray diffraction zinc oxide,IJSER

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  2. Performance Analysis of TCP in a Reliable Connections Environment with UDP Flows using OPNET Simulator
    Friday Yakubu, S.E Abdullahi and P.E Aigbe
    The widely use transport protocol on the Internet is TCP/IP and its usage is mainly

    Published: Journal: TCP Implementations, TCP performance, Application Traffics, OPNET Simulator, Packet Dropped, Retransmission Count,IJSER

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  3. Investigation of Avionics Box Precision Placement Using Motion Capturing and Thermal Imaging Techniques
    Damon Stambolian, Moataz Eltoukhy, Shihab Asfour, Stephanie Bonin
    There have been an abundance of lifting studies performed throughout the history of biomechanical analysis

    Published: Journal: Avionic Box Placement, Kinematics, EMG, Thermal Imaging, Motion Capturing, Biomechanics, Lifting. ,IJSER

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  4. Active Prosthetic Knee Fuzzy Logic - PID Motion Control, Sensors and Test Platform Design
    Ammar A. Alzaydi, Albert Cheung, Nandan Joshi, Sidha Wong
    The purpose of this paper is to describe and evaluate the design and testing of

    Published: Journal: Active Prosthetic, Controller Design, Fuzzy Logic, Gait Cycle, PID Control, Platform Design,IJSER

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  5. Atsero Method: A Guideline for Business Process and Workflow Modeling within an Enterprise
    Roger Atsa Etoundi
    In the fields of business process and workflows modeling, a wide range of techniques have

    Published: Journal: Business Process Modeling, Process abstraction, Workflows modeling, QoS, Customer satisfaction, Formal method,IJSER

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  6. Terminal Velocity of Canola Oil, Hexane, and Gasoline Drops Rising in Water due to Buoyancy
    Benjamin Michael Cole Friedman, Cynthia Ross Friedman
    Drops, globules of a liquid in another liquid, are extremely important in many natural processes

    Published: Journal: Acceleration, buoyancy, drag, drops, friction, projected area, spheres, terminal velocity.,IJSER

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  7. Acidogenic And Methanogenic Activities In Anaerobic Ponds
    Effebi K. R, Baya T, Jupsin H, Vasel J
    Anaerobic ponds are used rather often in hot climates. But the design of those ponds

    Published: Journal: acidogenic, anaerobic pond, biomass, kinetic, methanogenic, liquid and sediment layer.,IJSER

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  8. Developing Geo-web portals with Google Map API- A Case study of the Fichtner Group
    N.D. Tagoe, S. Mantey
    The main objective of this paper was to research the use of Web 2.0 techniques

    Published: Journal: Project portal, Web 2.0, Google Maps API, Rich Internet Application (RIA), Geospatial tools, Flex technology.,IJSER

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  9. Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network
    Subhadra Shaw (Bose)
    Routing in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is an important area of research due to its

    Published: Journal: Data Aggregation, Energy-efficient, Global Aggregator, Local Aggregator, Remaining energy, Wireless Sensor Network, Zone,IJSER

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  10. Admission Control and Performance Evaluation for Distributed Door Entry Wireless Networks
    Wael Hosny Fouad Aly, Haytham Aboulabbas, Moustafa H. Aly, Hossam Eldin Moustafa
    In this paper, we propose a novel smart access control system for large enterprises. The

    Published: Journal: Wireless Networks, Embedded system, access control, authentication, radio frequency identification (RFID), ZigBee, XMOS,IJSER

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  11. Vibration Based Condition Monitoring of Rolling Mill
    Vinod D.TIrpude, Jayant P.Modak, Girish D. Mehta
    All over the India, most of the processing industries are involved with rolling operations for

    Published: Journal: Bearing reactions, FFT Analyser, Fiber Pressuriser, Maintenance Strategy, rolling mill, vibration based condition monitoring ,vibration spectrum. ,IJSER

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  12. Drunken Drive Protection System[
    J.Vijay, B.Saritha, B.Priyadharshini, S.Deepeka, R.Laxmi
    Nowadays almost most of the countries are forcing the motor riders to wear the helmet

    Published: Journal: ?Accident, Drunken Driving, Helmet, Intelligent system, Safety, Sensor, Vehicle,IJSER

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  13. Self - esteem and Perfectionism in the Chess Players
    Dr. Mohammad Ebrahim Maddahi, Dr.Javad Khalatbari, Mona Samadzadeh, Mohammad Mojtaba Keikhayfarzaneh
    This research aims to study the relationship between self -esteem and perfectionism (positive-negative) in chess

    Published: Journal: ? Perfectionism, self ?esteem, chess Players. ,IJSER

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  14. The Study of the Quality of Life and Personality Traits of NEO Five Factors Concerning Death Anxiety in Shahed University Students
    Dr. Mohammad Ebrahim Maddahi,Dr.Javad Khalatbari, Mona Samadzadeh, Mehdi Amraei, Reza Ahmadi, Mohammad Mojtaba Keikhayfarzaneh
    The present research aims to consider the relationship between quality of life and personality traits

    Published: Journal: quality f life, NEO five factors of personality traits, death anxiety.,IJSER

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  15. Restore islet ?-cells dysfunction and study the expression of PPAR? and PPAR? in Stevia rebaudiana treated mice
    Kosta Susmit, Tiwari Archana
    The down regulation of PPAR? and PPAR? at m-RNAs expression level is responsible for ?-cell

    Published: Journal: Stevia rebaudiana (SR), Stevioside (SVS), Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha and Gamma (PPAR? and PPAR?), Streptozotocin (STZ).,IJSER

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