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  1. A Wireless Based Real-time Patient Monitoring System
    Sowmyasudhan S, Manjunath S
    The paper demonstrated gives the complete idea on a system which uses four smart sensors

    Published: Journal: Wireless Communication, Smart Sensors, Tele-medicine, 24*7 Monitoring.,IJSER

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  2. Performance Comparison of Dynamic Mobile ad-hoc network on-demand multipath routing protocol with AODV
    Archie Budhiraja ,Roopali Garg
    Communication devices have become one of the most important instruments to stay in touch with

    Published: Journal: Dynamic MANET on Demand Routing Protocol (DYMO), DSR, DSDV, AODV.,IJSER

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  3. Removal of Baseline Fluctuation From Emg Recordings
    Sadhana Pal, Gyan Prakash Pal, Manish, Anupum Bhardwaj
    Appropriate cancellation of the baseline fluctuation (BLF) is an important issue when recording EMG signals

    Published: Journal: Needle EMG, Baseline removal, MUAPs,IJSER

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  4. Design of High Gain Folded-cascode Operational Amplifier Using 1.25 ?M CMOS Technology
    Er. Rajni Nagal
    This paper presents a design of the Folded-cascode operational amplifier using 1.25?m CMOS technology, which

    Published: Journal: Operational amplifier, complementary metal-oxide semiconductor, common-mode range, input common-mode range, power-supply rejection ratio.,IJSER

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  5. Traffic based Virtual Topology Design in a Small WDM Network with Comparative Analysis of Wavelength Dependent Cost of Established Lightpaths
    Ms. Harmandar Kaur
    n order to establish a virtual topology for a given physical topology, in a small

    Published: Journal: WDM, virtual topology, lightpaths, virtual degree constraint, virtual topology,IJSER

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  6. Pilot study of the osseous morphological changes in the temporomandibular joint in subjects with bilateral missing lower posterior teeth
    Nasser Aly, Hasnah Hashim, Harlina Saleh, Dzuraida Abdullah
    We evaluated osseous morphological changes in the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) in subjects with bilateral missing

    Published: Journal: temporomandibular joint_ partial edentulism _ cephalograms _ osseous morphology _ occlusal support,IJSER

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  7. A New Process of Oscillation of All Celestial Objects And The Universe
    Anil Kumar Thanvi?
    No planet, and their moon also, star, black hole, galaxy i.e. all celestial objects and

    Published: Journal: Oscillation, twisting, squeezing, confocal, oblate spheroids, concentric spheres,IJSER

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  8. Analysis of A Lens Based Antenna Using Spherical Modes
    Prakash Biswagar, Dr. S.Ravishankar, S.Shashidhar
    A fixed shaped beam antenna offers an excellent compromise between cost and system performance in

    Published: Journal: MBS, Smart Antenna, Dielectric Lens, SME, SVWF, SMCC,IJSER

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  9. Electrical and Dielectric Properties of Aluminium Titanate
    C.Sudheendra, and T.Subba Rao
    Aluminum titanate (Al2TiO5) ceramics have a low thermal expansion coefficient, which results in excellent thermal

    Published: Journal: thermal expansion, electrical, dielectric, aluminium titanate.,IJSER

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  10. Development of SiC BJT Based PWM Inverter for Renewable Energy Resources
    Silicon Carbide (SiC) BJT switch is attractive for inverters because it does not have the

    Published: Journal: BJT, inverted sine PWM, SiC, Switching loss and THD,IJSER

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  11. Normalization Completeness for Conceptual Model using Quantitative Fuzzy Functionality
    Nayyar Iqbal, Akmal Rehan, Dr. Khalil Ahmed
    In this new approach to measure normalization completeness for conceptual model is introduced using

    Published: Journal: Completeness attributes, Conceptual model, Functional dependency, Normalization completeness, Preventing attributes, Relation, Total attributes.,IJSER

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  12. Ebja - America's Secret Love Child - An Exploratory Study
    Dr. Onwuatuegwu Echezona
    Ebja, sometimes written as Ebeye, is a one-of-a-kind city within the Republic of Marshall Island

    Published: Journal: ? Community Development, Community Relations, Ebeye, Ebja, Engineering and Construction, Engineering Economics, International Development, Macroeconomics, Marshall Island, Micronesia, Research and Development, Resource Management, Test and Evaluation, US Foreign Policy, US Political Affairs, Republic of the Marshall Island, ,IJSER

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  13. Reengineering of Data Warehouse of Public Sector
    Ashok Kumar, Anil Kumar
    Data warehouse is a process of evolution and is a silver bullet of any one

    Published: Journal: : Data warehouse, data model, process model, legacy system,IJSER

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  14. BER Analysis of MIMO-OFDM System Using OSTBC Code Structure for M-PSK under Different Fading Channels[
    Lavish Kansal, Ankush Kansal and Kulbir Singh
    MIMO-OFDM system has been currently recognized as one of the most competitive technology for 4G

    Published: Journal: MIMO, OFDM, OSTBC, M-PSK,IJSER

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  15. Technique for Examing Epicyclic Gear Box
    Krish Gupta, Ajay Sharma
    This paper presents a method for analyzing epicyclic gearboxes by evaluating the speeds, torques and

    Published: Journal: epicyclic gear, epicyclic gearbox, power flows, efficiency,IJSER

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