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  1. Performance Evaluation of Proposed SEHEE-MAC for wireless Sensor Network in Habitat Monitoring
    Mrs. Swati V. Sankpal, Dr. Vishram Bapat
    Environmental sensor networks have been a topic of significant research in recent years. Sensor network

    Published: Journal: Habitat, MAC, Slotted Preamble, Solar, WSN,IJSER

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  2. The relationship between child rearing practices and identity styles among students of both genders of pre-university level in Rasht
    Dr. Javad Khalatbari, Dr. Mohammad Ebrahim Maddahi, Dr.Shohreh Ghorbanshiroudi, Vahidehsadat Mousavi, Mohammad Mojtaba Keikhayfarzaneh
    The main aim of this re exploring is to consider the relationship between child rearing

    Published: Journal: Identity status, Child nurturing styles, Identity-diffusion, Identity- foreclosure, Identity-Moratorium,IJSER

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  3. Modified Variational Iteration Method for the Solution of nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
    Olayiwola , M. O Akinpelu, F. O , Gbolagade, A .W?
    The Variational Iteration Method (VIM) has been shown to solve effectively, easily and accurately a

    Published: Journal: variational iteration method, lagrange multiplier, Taylor?s series, partial differential equation, modified variational iteration method, correction functional,IJSER

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  4. Design Aids of Flexural Members And Beam-columns Based On Limit State Method
    Prof. Ravindra Bhimarao kulkarni, Vikas Arjun Patil
    The latest version of the Code of Practice for general construction in steel, IS 800-2007

    Published: Journal: IS:800-2007, Factored load.,IJSER

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  5. Defferential Polarographic Behaviour of Nitro Group Vontaining Pesticides Dinitramine, Bromethalin and Isopropalin[
    S.Rajasekhar reddy,K.Chandra mohan and,NY.sreedhar
    In this work the effect of functional groups on the reduction potentials of nitrogroup containing

    Published: Journal: dinitramine, bromethalin and isopropalin, differential pulse polarography, DME, universal buffer.effect of pH, reduction potentia,IJSER

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  6. Modeling Anisotropy and Steady State Creep in a Rotating Disc of Al-SiCp having Varying Thickness
    Vandana and S.B. Singh
    The analysis of steady state creep in a rotating disc made of Al-SiCp composite having

    Published: Journal: Modeling, Composites, Rotating Disc, Steady Strain Creep Rate,IJSER

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  7. Recurrent Neural Prediction Model for Digits Recognition
    Tellez Paola
    There are three models of recurrent neural networks that can be used for speech recognition,

    Published: Journal: Recurrent neural network, speech recognition, optimization, prediction,IJSER

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  8. The Applications of Causality in the Philosophy of Descartes
    Maryam Hasanpour
    Rene Descartes, the founder of a new philosophy in the west since the seventeenth

    Published: Journal: Descartes, Causality, Commanding skepticism, Clarity, Differentiation, God,IJSER

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  9. "TADS" Approach In Supply Chain Agility
    M. Balaji, Dr.G.Karuppusami, R. Sudhakaran, A. Chobiya Ashwini
    In the continuously changing and demanding market environment, the product capabilities alone are insufficient to

    Published: Journal: TADS, Supply chain agility, supply chain enablers,IJSER

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  10. Reducing Layer 2 Handoff Latency in WLANs using Advanced Context Distribution
    Laeth A. Al-Rawi, Rosli Salleh, Ghaith A. Al-Rawi, Hassan A. Al-Rawi, H.Keshavarz
    In the continuously changing and demanding market environment, the product capabilities alone are insufficient to

    Published: Journal: IEEE 802.11,WLANs, IAPP, Hand-off Latency.,IJSER

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  11. Dynamic Contention Resolution Protocol for OBS Networks
    Wael Hosny Fouad Aly, Halima El-Biaze
    Optical burst switching (OBS) is a switching technique that was proposed as a hybrid switching

    Published: Journal: OBS networks, contention resolution techniques, retransmission techniques.,IJSER

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  12. Mitigation of Harmonics in Distribution System Using D - STATCOM
    E.Rambabu, E.Praveena, Dr.P.V.Kishore
    This paper deals with the performance, analysis of, operating principles of a new generation of

    Published: Journal: D-STATCOM, Power Quality, Voltage sag, Voltage source converter, harmonic distortion,IJSER

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  13. Data Compression using Huffman based LZW Encoding Technique
    Md. Rubaiyat Hasan
    Data compression is of interest in business data processing, both because of the cost savings

    Published: Journal: Double Compression, Huffman based LZW Encoding, Data Compression, and Software Tools.,IJSER

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  14. Investigation on Octagonal Microstrip Antenna for RADAR & Space-Craft applications
    Krishan Kumar, Er. Sukhdeep Kaur
    In this paper octagon shape planar microstrip antenna is presented. Octagonal antenna can find applications

    Published: Journal: Directional patterns, finite ground plane, microstrip line feed, microstrip antenna, omni-directional patterns, ultra wideband (UWB).,IJSER

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  15. Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Modulation Techniques and Offered Load in OFDM-based WiMAX Network by Considering Cyclic Prefix
    Pratyush Sharma, Abhishek Sharma, Kailash C.Bandhu
    WiMax uses orthogonal frequency division multiple access technique in wireless communication. Orthogonal frequency division multiple

    Published: Journal: Downlink (DL), Adaptive Modulation techniques, IEEE-802.16, OFDMA, Cyclic Prefix, Throughput, Goodput,IJSER

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