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  1. Energy Conservation of Heat, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning System with the help of Fuzzy Controller
    Harkamaljeet Singh Bhullar, Vikram Kumar Kamboj
    The Management and Automation of a Commercial building Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (H.V.A.C) System

    Published: Journal: Direct Digital Control (D.D.C.) , Energy Conservation, Fuzzy Controller, H.V.A.C., PID Controller,IJSER

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  2. Generation of Electric Power, Harnessing Atmospheric Pressure
    Raj Kumar Parashari
    This paper reports a metod / technique to produce huge amount of electricity by harnessing

    Published: Journal: Atmospheric pressure, Bernoulli?s theorem, Electric generator, Electric power, Efficiency, Partial vaccum, Pressure difference,IJSER

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  3. Performance Evaluation of ROI-based Image Compression Techniques
    Gunpreet Kaur, Mandeep Kaur
    Medical diagnostic data produced by hospitals has increased exponentially. The coming era of digitized medical

    Published: Journal: Adaptive SPIHT, digital mammography, JPEG2000, SPIHT, Wavelets,IJSER

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  4. A Flash Package for Coordinating Practical Examinations
    B S Manusudhan
    The developed package is end-user software that handles multiple inputs. The respective colleges send number

    Published: Journal: VTU case study, Unique ID, On-Line student Update, FacultyAllocation, Sub-Regions, Unallocated Batches, Subject Expert.,IJSER

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  5. Combating Problems with Solar Power: A cost Effective Improvement on the Conversion Efficiency of Solar Panels
    Engr. C.O. Osueke (Ph.D), Engr. E.M. Onyekachi, Engr. I.O. Nwabueze
    There is no point harnessing an energy resource that has no economic value. Solar energy

    Published: Journal: Colour filter, Combat, Convex lens, Efficiency, Problem, Solar panel, Solar power,IJSER

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  6. How to make N2 listen to you in steel making
    P R Sureshkumar, D R Pawar and V Krishnamoorthy
    All steels contain some amount of dissolved gases such as oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen of

    Published: Journal: Nitrogen, nitrided manganese, formability, hardness, solubility, LRF, VOD,IJSER

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  7. Harmonic Analysis Of 6-pulse Converter In Dtc Induction Drives Using UPQC
    In this paper the control technique that used is direct torque control technique. This one

    Published: Journal: Direct Torque Control, Unified Power Quality Conditioner, Harmonics, High-Power Drives, Multi-pulse Converters, Power Quality,IJSER

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  8. Photovoltaic Cell as Power Quality conditioner for Grid connected system
    Mr.A.Hari Prasad,Mr. Y.Rajasekhar Reddy, Dr. P.V. Kishore
    A computer simulation -derived study of photovoltaic cells/ modules, utilizing MATLAB, is demonstrated. The MATLAB

    Published: Journal: ? Circuit Simulator, Diode model parameters, Insolation, PV Cells/modules, shunt controller, MPPT algorithm,IJSER

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  9. Temperature and Deposition Time Dependence of the Geometrical Properties of Tin Oxide Nanostructures
    Gil Nonato C. Santos, Arnel A. Salvador, Reuben V. Quiroga
    Tin Oxide nanomaterial was synthesized using the horizontal vapor phase growth (HVPG) technique. The study

    Published: Journal: nanomaterial, horizontal vapor phase growth (HVPG) technique, photoluminescence,IJSER

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  10. The Effect of Varying Furnace Angle in the Synthesis of CdS Nanomaterials using Vapor Phase Crystal Growth Technique
    Eduardo B. Tibayan Jr.,Gil Nonato C. Santos
    CdS nanomaterials were successfully synthesized at varying furnace angle of 0?, 45?, and 90? with

    Published: Journal: CdS nanomaterials, furnace angle, vapor phase crystal growth technique,IJSER

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  11. Resistivity Measurements of Conductors and Semiconductors of Different Geometrical Shapes Using Van der Pauw Technique
    Amir J. Majid
    The resistivity of conductive and semi-conductive materials, are determined using an algorithmic computation approach of

    Published: Journal: resistivity, Van der Pauw, conductors, semiconductors, shapes, geometries, equation derivations, digital, MUX, de-MUX,IJSER

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  12. Direct - Drive Wind Turbines
    Zoran Ivanovski Msc
    The objective of this paper is to identify suitable generator concepts for direct-drive wind turbines

    Published: Journal:

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  13. The relationship between emotional intelligence and personality traits with the thrill- seeking and self- efficacy in students of TAU Tonekabon Branch in the academic year 2010-2011
    Dr. Javad Khalatbari, Masoumeh Hasani, Dr.Mohammad Ali Rahmani, Dr.Shohreh Ghorbanshiroudi, Mohammad Mojtaba Keikhayfarzaneh
    The goal of this research is to analyze the relationship between emotional intelligence and personality

    Published: Journal: Emotional intelligence, Personality traits, Thrill-seeking, Self-efficacy of students,IJSER

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  14. Analysis of Denial of Service Attack
    Rakesh Rathi, Udai Nag
    Proxy network-based defense has recently emerged to address an open research challenge. protecting Internet service

    Published: Journal: Proxy Network, Denial of Service, Penetration, Defenses.,IJSER

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  15. Green chemistry: Biodiesel made with Vegetable oil
    Rajpreet kaur Ishar
    Biodiesel is a revolutionary step in the world of fuel. The pollutionary effects ofbiodiesel is

    Published: Journal: biodiesel, vegetable oil, Transesterification ,Fuel features,IJSER

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