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  1. The m-deficient number of complete bigraphs
    Sanjay Roy, Dr. Danappa G.Akka
    An open problem posed by Aaron and Lewinter in [2] asks whether the m-deficient number

    Published: Journal: Interpolate, deficient number, Degree preserving Subject classification: 05C99 (Graph Theory).,IJSER

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  2. Ultra wide band slot dipole antenna performance measurements effected by male and female body[
    S. Mahmood
    A one-sided directional ultra wide band slot dipole antenna with floating metal layer on the

    Published: Journal: Body area network (BAN), slot dipole antenna, measurements, body effect on antenna, Ultra wide band antenna, UWB antenna,IJSER

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  3. Optimization of Capacitive MEMS Pressure Sensor for RF Telemetry
    Prince Nagpal, Manish Mehta, Kamaljeet Rangra, Ravinder Aggarwal
    This paper describes the capacitive pressure sensor design for biomedical applications like blood pressure measurement.

    Published: Journal: ? MEMS, Capacitive, Diaphragm, Biocompatible, Biomedical,IJSER

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  4. Phonocardiography-the future of cardiac auscultation
    M.VishwanathShervegar,Ganesh.V.Bhat,Raghavendra M Shetty K
    This paper presents a novel method of phonocardiogram acquisition, recording and analysis. The PC/laptop is

    Published: Journal: Phonocardiography, Wavelet Analysis, Quadratic throat horn, Bluetooth technology, Stethoscope, Spectrum, Spectrogram,IJSER

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  5. Optimized Fuzzy Logic Training of Neural Networks for Autonomous Robotics Applications
    Ammar A. Alzaydi, Kartik Vamaraju, Prasenjit Mukherjee, Jeffery Gorchynski
    Many different neural network and fuzzy logic related solutions have been proposed for the problem

    Published: Journal: Autonomous, Autonomous navigation,Autonomous robotics, Fuzzy logic, Navigation, Neural network, Real-time training,IJSER

    Average rating: 2

  6. The Macroeconomic Determinants of Remittances in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis
    Md. Mahmud Hasan Shah, Md. Zobayer Bin Amir
    Conventional wisdom in the economics of migration holds that remittance receipts may be a more

    Published: Journal: Remittances, Migration, National Accounts, Stationarity, Cointegration, Error Correction,IJSER

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  7. SEDs and Age Estimates of MYSOs: Study of Galactic Massive Star Forming Regions
    Kamal Kumar Tanti, Jayashree Roy, Dr. Kalpana Duorah
    In this paper, we present the spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of six massive young stellar

    Published: Journal: ? Spectral Energy Distribution (SED), Young Stellar Objects (YSO), Massive Star Forming Regions, Massive Star Formation, Age, Mass, On-line SED Fitting Tool, Circumstellar Disk, Envelope.,IJSER

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  8. Implementation of Cascade Multilevel Inverter in Distribution Systems as Power Line Conditioner
    Rajasekhar.G.G, N.Sambasiva Rao, T.Vijay Muni
    This paper deals with the implementation of cascade multilevel inverter-based STATCOM, which employs H-bridge inverter.

    Published: Journal: Active power filter, STATCOM, cascade multilevel inverter, power line conditioner,,IJSER

    Average rating: 1

  9. A Wavelet based multiresolution analysis for real time condition monitoring of AC machine using vibration analysis
    Subhra Debdas, M.F.Qureshi, A.Reddy, D.Chandrakar, D.Pansari
    Wavelet is a powerful tool used for non stationary signal analysis. It does not change

    Published: Journal: Fault diagnosis, wavelet transform, multi resolution analysis, pattern recognition, wavelet density estimation.,IJSER

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  10. An Innovative Method of Measuring Semiconductors Resistivity Using Van der Pauw Technique
    Amir J. Majid
    Van der Pauw technique for measuring semiconductors resistivity is adopted to remove contacts and isolation

    Published: Journal: ? resistivity, measurement, Van der Pauw, semiconductors, contacts, voltage coefficient, microcontrollers,IJSER

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  11. Dynamic Response Of Jospephson Resistive Logic (RCJL) Gate
    In this paper a thorough investigation of resistive logic RCJL gate has been made. The

    Published: Journal:

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  12. Analysis of A Population Of Cataract Patients Databases In Weka Tool
    C.sugandhi, P.Yasodha, M.Kannan?
    Data mining refers to extracting knowledge from large amount of data. Real life data mining

    Published: Journal: Data Mining, Classification, Decision Tree Algorithm, Weka too,IJSER

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  13. Alkaline Phosphatase Activity during Homogenisation of Hepatopancreatic Tissues of Shrimps using Sodium acetate, KCl solution, Tris-HCl and Glycine-NaOH buffer.
    Kathyayani Puttige, Krishna Prasad Nooralabettu
    Hepatopancreatic tissues of shrimps, Penaeus monodon, Penaeus indicus, Metapenaeus monocerus, Solenocera Choprai and Parapenaeopsis stylifera

    Published: Journal: Alkaline phosphatase, Shrimps, Black tiger shrimp, Indian shrimp, White shrimp, Brown shrimp, tiny shrimp, Buffer, Homogenisation,IJSER

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  14. Control and System Identification via Swarm and Evolutionary Algorithms
    Tayebeh Mostajabi, Javad Poshtan
    A central topic of swarm intelligence is the investigation of different types of emergent collective

    Published: Journal: adaptive control; evolutionary algorithm; global minimum, local minima, robotics; swarm intelligence; system identification,IJSER

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  15. A Real Time Hi-Speed Tracker for Chain Snatcher
    B S Manusudhan and S Sowmyasudhan
    The word that is rampant in newspaper, television channel and in all our lives is

    Published: Journal: MEMS Sensor, Speech Processor, ARM controller, Emergency Protocol, Public and Police end user, Wireless Communication, Track Down.,IJSER

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