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  1. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) & Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): Case Study
    Asmaa Shaker Ashoor, Prof. Sharad Gore
    IPS and IDS both examine traffic looking for attacks but they are critically different. The

    Published: Journal: IDS, IPS, threats, malicious activities, alerts,IJSER

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  2. An Experimental Investigation on The Machinability of Powder Formed Silicon Carbide Particle Reinforced Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites[
    Sujit Das, R. Behera,G. Majumdar,B. Oraon,G. Sutradhar
    The paper attempts to study the machinability issues of aluminium-silicon carbide (Al-SiC) metal matrix composites

    Published: Journal: Metal matrix composites, Machining, Surface roughness, cutting forces Machining, Depth of cut, Cutting speed.,IJSER

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  3. Improving Cost-efficient Manufacturing Unit: By Considering Unit Facility And Supplier Routing Cost In Supply Chain
    S . Shakeel ahamed , Dr.G. Ranga Januaryardhana , Dr.E.L.Nagesh
    Inventory management is an important part of any business because inventories are usually responsible for

    Published: Journal: Delay cost, facility, Inventory control, path cost, routing , supply chain, Transportation cost, Total cost,IJSER

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  4. Theoretical Frameworks For Human Computer Interaction
    Prerna Zalpuri, Divya Khandelwal, Isha Yadav
    This paper is concerned about the state of theory in HCI and discusses the

    Published: Journal: Activity Theory, Artefacts, Cognition, Cognitive Ergonomics, Context, Distributed Cognition, Human Computer Interaction(HCI),IJSER

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  5. An Integrated Approach of AHP-GP and Visualization for Software Architecture Optimization: A case-study for selection of architecture style
    K.Delhi Babu, P.Govindarajulu, A.Ramamohana Reddy, A.N.Aruna Kumari
    Software Architecture has emerged as an important sub-discipline of software engineering. A key aspect of

    Published: Journal: Software Architecture, Selection of Software Architecture Styles, Multi-Criteria Decision Making, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), Zero-One Goal Programming (ZOGP), Visualization.,IJSER

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  6. A Journey Towards Green Revolution- A Case Study of Foundry
    R.Krishnaraj, Dr.M.Sakthivel, Dr.S.R.Devadasan, K. Kanthavel, E.Balaji, J.Arulmani
    The objective of this study is to evaluate the stack emission and ambient air quality

    Published: Journal: emission, spm, ambient air quality, Wet scrubber, induction furnace, dust collector, fume extraction,IJSER

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  7. Rotor Profile Design for Twin Screw Compressor
    P.Jenno Xavier, K.Kanthavel, R.Uma Mythili
    Increasing demands for efficient screw compressors requires economic and high efficiency rotor designs of screw

    Published: Journal: ?Rotor, Rack generation, Screw compressor, Tooth profile,IJSER

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  8. Soft Skills - A Management Introspect of an Indian Techie
    Miss. Vijayalakshmi N.S.
    Soft skills are fast becoming the deal breaker in many of today's hiring decisions. The

    Published: Journal: soft skills, hard skills, competition, business,IJSER

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  9. Survey On Data Mining Techniques In Intrusion Detection
    Amanpreet Chauhan, Gaurav Mishra, Gulshan Kumar
    Intrusion Detection (ID) is the main research area in field of network security. It involves

    Published: Journal: Network Intrusion, Decision Trees, Na?ve Bayes, Fuzzy Logic, Support Vector Machines, Data Clustering, Data Mining. ,IJSER

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  10. Mobile Learning
    Malini Bhargava
    Technology supporting learning activities are becoming a big buzz word in today's world that we

    Published: Journal: mobile learning, m-learning, technology-enhanced learning, e-learning.,IJSER

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  11. How can distinguish between Hackers and Intruders
    Asmaa Shaker Ashoor , Prof. Sharad Gore
    This paper presents the difference between hackers and intruders with their main motives and intentions

    Published: Journal: Hackers, intruders, security, criminal, network scanning, motives.,IJSER

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  12. Adsorption Of Carbon From Liquid Hydrocarbons
    Parantap Nandi
    Liquid hydrocarbons like on hexane (C6H14), octane (C8H18) heating with some colored salts like NiSO4

    Published: Journal: NiSO4; K2Cr2O7; K2CrO4; PbCrO4,IJSER

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  13. Advancements in Robotics and its Future Uses
    Tennyson Samuel John
    The future is not written yet and who knows whether robots are dangerous or not.

    Published: Journal: LEMUR; Robotics; Robots; Robocup; Military bots; Social bots; Swarm Robotics;,IJSER

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  14. Applications of Robotics in Medicine
    Paduri Veerabhadram, Sr.Lecturer
    Robots in medicine deserve enhanced attention, being a field where their instrumental ids enable exacting

    Published: Journal:

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  15. An Adaptive Framework for the Selection of Embedded Operating Systems
    Sachin R. Sakhare, Dr. M.S. Ali
    The embedded system area today is faced with the challenge of implementing the applications that

    Published: Journal: Embedded System, RTOS, Embedded system design. Real Time system,IJSER

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