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  1. Improved Audio Watermarking Using DWT-SVD
    N.V.Lalitha, G.Suresh, Dr.V.Sailaja
    Digital audio watermarking involves the concealment of data within a discrete audio file. Applications for

    Published: Journal: Audio Watermarking, Attacks, DCT, DCT-SVD, DWT, DWT-SVD, MOS evalauation, Singular Value Decomposition,IJSER

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  2. Handoff Analysis for UMTS Environment
    Pankaj Rakheja, Amanpreet Kaur, Dilpreet Kaur
    UMTS is in one of the third generation mobile telecommunication technologies. And it supports various

    Published: Journal: DPCH, Handover, UTRA,IJSER

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  3. A High Performance and Low Power Hardware Architecture for H.264 Transform Coding
    Jubli Kashyap,Virendra Kumar Yadav
    In the search for ever better and faster video compression standards H.264 was created. H.264

    Published: Journal: CMOS Technology, DCT, H.264, JVT, ITU-T, SoC, Quantization, YUV System, Zero Shift,IJSER

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  4. Computer Simulation of Forging Using The Slab Method Analysis
    S. B. Mehta, D. B. Gohil
    Forging is a very complex process and the measurement of actual forces for real material

    Published: Journal: analysis, simulation, modelling, forging, closed-die forging, open die forging, process,IJSER

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  5. Speech Recognition By Using Recurrent Neural Networks
    Dr.R.L.K.Venkateswarlu, Dr. R. Vasantha Kumari, G.Vani JayaSri?
    Automatic speech recognition by computers is a process where speech signals are automatically converted into

    Published: Journal: Frames, Mel-frequency cepstral coefficient, Multi Layer Perceptron (MLP), Neural Networks, Performance, Recurrent Neural Network (RNN), Utterances.,IJSER

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  6. Balanced Ant Colony Algorithm For Scheduling DAG To Grid Heterogeneous System
    Mrs. Smitha Jha,Dr. D. K. Mallik,Dr. R.K. Suri
    Ant Colony Optimization can be used for scheduling tasks on resources in Grid. In earlier

    Published: Journal: Grid System, Directed Acyclic graph(DAG),Independent, Dependent task scheduling, Ant Colony Optimization, Grouping, ranking,IJSER

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  7. Analysis of optical wireless communication for underwater wireless communication
    P.Vijaya Kumar, S.S.K.Praneeth, Romarsha.B.Narender
    Recently, the importance of underwater wireless optical communication has been grown for applications of

    Published: Journal: Line of sight scenario, Modulating Retro Reflecting link, Reflective link, Bit Error Rate (BER), extinction coefficient, clean ocean water, coastal ocean water, turbid ocean water,IJSER

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  8. Analysis of Surface roughness of machined surface of Powder Metallurgy components
    P.K.Bardhan, R.Behera, S.Patra, G.Sutradhar
    The surface roughness value (Ra) of sintered iron P/M components at different cutting speed has

    Published: Journal: Surface roughness, Sintered components, Hardness, Response surface, Central composite design, ANOVA.,IJSER

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  9. X-ray Satellites spectra in the L?1 region of 4d transition elements
    Dr. Sameer Sinha, Vinay Kumar Pandey, Ajay Vikram Singh
    We have used Plasmon theory to explain Energy Satellites and relative intensity of high energy

    Published: Journal: L ?1 X-ray satellites, M vacancy L?transitions, X-Ray emission spectra.,IJSER

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  10. A Pipelined Implementation for Full-Search Motion Estimation for Video Compression Using Variable Block-Size[
    Vasavi Sandya. G, K.Suganthi
    Variable block-size motion estimation (VBSME) has become an important technique in H.264/AVC to improve video

    Published: Journal:

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  11. Analysis of Software Cost Estimation using COCOMO II
    COCOMO II is an objective cost model for planning and executing software projects. It is

    Published: Journal: Software Cost Estimation, COCOMO II, Scale Factors, Cost Drivers, Case Studies,IJSER

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  12. Power Infrastructure Monitoring System on Embedded Web
    Ajay K. Kakde, Ajay P. Thakare?
    PIMS NOC system is located centrally at the tower infrastructure service provider premises to monitor

    Published: Journal: PIMS, PIMS Agent, NOC, Data Server, Embedded Web, GPRS, socket server.,IJSER

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  13. Hydrodynamic Free Convection Flow Of A Rotating Visco-elastic Fluid Past An Isothermal Vertical Porous Plate With Mass Transfer
    S. Biswal, G.S. Ray, A. Mishra
    The effect of free convection and mass transfer in the unsteady flow of an incompressible

    Published: Journal: Hydrodynamic flow, mass transfer, rotating fluid, porous medium, isothermal plate.,IJSER

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  14. Thermodynamic Adsorption of Herbicides on Eight Agricultural Soils[
    Rounak M. Shariff, Kafia M. Shareef
    Thermodynamics of adsorption of three pesticides using a kinetic approach was investigated. The objective of

    Published: Journal: Adsorption isotherms, Adsorption thermodynamic, atrazine, picloram, propanil, HPLC.,IJSER

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  15. Economic Water Rate And Optimum Performance Of Two Stage Azeotropic Refrigerating System
    Prof. D.V. Mahindru, Priyanka Mahendru
    With a view to conserve energy, the use of azeotropes in a multistage refrigerating system

    Published: Journal: Azeotropes, multistage refrigerating, compressors, water cooled condenser,IJSER

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