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  1. Behavior of Eight Bus System with TC-IPC
    V.V.Satyanarayana Rao.R, S.Rama Reddy
    Environmental, regulatory and economic constraints have restricted the growth of electric power transmission facilities, and

    Published: Journal: Controlled Series Compensator (CSC), Eight Bus System, Flexiable ac transmission system (FACTS), Interphase power controller, Static phase shifting transformer, TC-IPC, UPFC,IJSER

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  2. Implementing Anti Collision Algorithm for Multiple Tag Identification[
    Sindhura kodali, Eswaran.P
    RFID is core technology in the area of ubiquitous computing. To identify the objects begins

    Published: Journal: Anti collision Algorithom, Active tag, multiple tags, query technique RFID, RF modules, Tag collision.,IJSER

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  3. Face Recognition using Neural Network and Eigenvalues with Distinct Block Processing
    Amit Kumar, Prashant Sharma, Shishir Kumar
    Human face recognition has been employed in different commercial and law enforcement applications. It has

    Published: Journal: Eigenface, eigenvector, eigenvalue, Neural network, distinct block processing, face recognition, face space.,IJSER

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  4. Molecular Biocoding of Insulin - Amino Acid Gly
    Lutvo Kuri?
    The modern science mainly treats the biochemical basis of sequencing in bio-macromolecules and processes in

    Published: Journal: Amino Acid Gly, Human Insulin, Insulin Model, Insulin Code,IJSER

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  5. Electrical Power Generation Using Piezoelectric Crystal
    Anil Kumar
    The usefulness of most high technology devices such as cell phones, computers, and sensors is

    Published: Journal: Piezoelectric materials, piezoelectricity, power generation, PZT ceramics,IJSER

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  6. A Novel Scheme to Eliminate Common Mode Voltage in Multilevel Inverters
    Nasim Rashidi-rad, Abdolreza Rahmati, Adib Abrishamifar
    Nowadays, multilevel voltage source inverters offer several advantages compared to their conventional two-level inverters. In

    Published: Journal: Common mode voltage, Phase voltage, Line voltage, N level inverter,IJSER

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  7. Physical Behavior of Eigenvalues and Singular Values in Matrix Decompositions
    Azmol Huda, R. L. Aguiar
    An apposite as well as realistic treatment of eigenvalue and singular value problems are potentially

    Published: Journal: Eigenvalue, singular value, matrix decomposition, orthonormal basis, linear mapping.,IJSER

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  8. Fuzzy Logic Based Hydro-Electric Power Dam Control System[
    M. Abbas, M. Saleem Khan, Nasir Ali
    This research paper presents the construction design of Hydro-Electric Power Dam Control System using Fuzzy

    Published: Journal: Fuzzy Logic Control, Hydro-Electric Power Plant, Inference Engine, Rule Selection,IJSER

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  9. Analysis and Simulation of DVR by Using AC Chopper for Distribution System
    D.R.K.Praveen, T.Vijay Muni, V V Satyanarayana Rao.R
    This paper deals with modelling and digital simulation of AC chopper based Dynamic Voltage Restorer

    Published: Journal:

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  10. Advanced Coma Patient Monitoring System
    Naveen Kansal, Hardeep Singh Dhillon
    Embedded system is becoming an integral part of Engineering design process for efficient analysis and

    Published: Journal: Coma, Patient Monitoring, Advanced Coma Monitoring, Coma Patient, Non intrusive system, image processing based sytem, Future coma product.,IJSER

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  11. Spray Deposition Process Of Hypereutectic Al - Si Alloys: An Overview
    Dayanand .M. Goudar., Rudrakshi G.B., Srivastav V.C., Jagannath reddy, Ajith G. Joshi
    Modified Al alloys are gaining emphasis in the past few years due to wide range

    Published: Journal: Hypereutectic Al ? Si alloys, Spray deposition, Microstructure, Secondary process,IJSER

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  12. A Fuzzy Inference System for Synergy Estimation of Simultaneous Emotion Dynamics in Agents
    Atifa Athar, M. Saleem Khan, Khalil Ahmed, Aiesha Ahmed, Nida Anwar
    This paper presents that emotions manifest the information processing mechanism of human mind that infers

    Published: Journal: Fuzzy inference, Simultaneous emotion dynamics, Synergy estimation, blended emotions, PAD, Wheel of emotions, cohorts,IJSER

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  13. Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols Using Different Environment in MANET
    Rakesh kumar Yadav, Manish Bhardwaj, Sachi Pandey
    Mobile Ad hoc networks (MANET) represents complex distributed systems that comprise wireless ad hoc network

    Published: Journal: MANET, AODV, DSDV, DSR, GloMoSim 2.03, Transmission range, Topologies, Bandwidth,IJSER

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  14. A semi-implicit finite-difference approach for two-dimensional coupled Burgers' equations
    Mohammad Tamsir, Vineet Kumar Srivastava
    The two-dimensional Burgers' equation is a mathematical model which is used to describe various kinds

    Published: Journal: Burgers? equations; ?nite- difference; semi-implicit scheme; Reynolds number,IJSER

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  15. Audio Streaming on Mobile Phones
    Ajinkya Patil, Apurva Mayekar, Shruti Gurye, Varun Karandikar, Pramila Chavan
    The development of digital communication with increased bandwidths and support of various protocols that allow

    Published: Journal: Audio Formats, Interleaving, Mobile, Multimedia, Progressive Streaming, Protocols, Streaming Server,IJSER

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