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  1. Receding Horizon Control on Large Scale Supply Chain
    Mohammad Miranbeigi, Aliakbar Jalali
    Supply chain management system is a network of facilities and distribution entities: suppliers, manufacturers, distributors,

    Published: Journal: supply chain, supply chain management system, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers , control system, demand, receding horizon controlle,IJSER

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  2. Load Forecasting Using New Error Measures In Neural Networks
    Devesh Pratap Singh, Mohd. Shiblee, Deepak Kumar Singh
    Load forecasting plays a key role in helping an electric utility to make important decisions

    Published: Journal: Load forecasting, Neural networks, New neuron Models, New error metrics for neural networks, England ISO,IJSER

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  3. Effect of Temperature on Deformation Characteristics of Gold Ball Bond in Au-Al Thermosonic Wire Bonding
    Gurbinder Singh, Othman Mamat
    Wire bonding is a process that is used to form solid-state bonds to interconnect metals

    Published: Journal: Gold ball bond, Intermetallic phase , Shear strength, Thermosonic wire bonding,IJSER

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  4. Sorption Of Cr (Vi) & As(V) On Hdtma - Modified Zeolites
    Vandana Swarnkar, Nishi Agrawal, Radha Tomar
    Sorption of Cr(VI) & As(V) on HDTMA modified zeolites were investigated by batch technique, X-ray

    Published: Journal: : Sorption; Cr (VI); As (V); HexaDecylTriMethylAmmonium-Bromide (HDTMAB),IJSER

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  5. Analysis Of A Population Of Diabetic Patients Databases In Weka Tool
    P.Yasodha, M.Kannan?
    Data mining is an important tool in many areas of research and industry. Companies and

    Published: Journal: Data Mining, Diabetics data, Classification algorithm, Association algorithm Weka tool,IJSER

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  6. A Study and Application on Cross-Disciplinary Proficiency Learning of Artificial Intelligence
    Prof.Pavan .G.P, Dr.G.Lavanya Devi, Dr.P.Srinivasa Rao
    This paper broadly elaborated the concept, significance and main strategy of cross disciplinary proficiency learning

    Published: Journal: Cross Disciplinary Proficiency(CDP) learning , AI , System structure , learning strategy , algorithm .,IJSER

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  7. A Navel Approach for Evaluating Completeness of Business Rules using First Order Logic[
    M.Thirumaran, E. IIavarasan, R. Manoharan, Thanigaivel.K
    Organizations are under increasing scrutiny to develop the rules to regulate their business requirements and

    Published: Journal: Completeness, Rule Execution, Business process, Business rules, Business Rules Approaches, First Order Logic, Business rules, First Order logic, Completeness algorithm.,IJSER

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  8. Implementation of RSA Cryptosystem Using Verilog
    Chiranth E, Chakravarthy H.V.A, Nagamohanareddy P, Umesh T.H, Chethan Kumar M
    The RSA system is widely employed and achieves good performance and high security. In this

    Published: Journal: Cadence, Cryptosystem, Decryption, Encryption, Implementation, Key Generation, Modular Exponentiation, Modular Multiplication, RSA, Verilog.,IJSER

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  9. Metrics For Component Based Measurement Tools
    P. Edith Linda, V. Manju Bashini, S. Gomathi
    The main aim of this paper is to integrate the different object oriented metric tools

    Published: Journal: Metrics, component, de-compiler, SLOC, LOC, NOS, NOP, Cyclomatic complexity,IJSER

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  10. Reactive Power Management For Wind Electric Generator
    Er. V. Karunakaran, Er. R. Karthikeyan
    The solution to the Global Warming lies in the development of the Green cover or

    Published: Journal: Asynchronous Generator, DFIG (Doubly Fed Induction Generator), Direct Torque Control Method, Generator Side Converter, Grid Side Converter, Two Axis Current Vector Control Method, Reactive Power Control, Synchronous G en er at or,IJSER

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  11. Security Challenges & Preventions in Wireless Communications
    Kashif Laeeq
    Without the need of an infrastructure, low-cost, auto-managed, flexible and low power consumer, wireless communication

    Published: Journal: Attack, Denial of service, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Security issues, Vulnerabilities, Wireless Communication, WSN,IJSER

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  12. Compost Adsorption Desdorption of Picloram in the Presence of Surfactant on Six Agricultural Soils
    Rounak M. Shariff
    To investigate the effect of different types of surfactants on adsorption behavior of pesticide, picloram

    Published: Journal: Adsorption - desorption kinetics, Adsorption isotherms, HPLC, Picloram, Surfactant,IJSER

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  13. ?Few Aspects of Power Quality Improvement Using Shunt Active Power Filter
    Subhransu Sekhar Dash, C.Nalini Kiran, S.Prema Latha
    Power quality standards (IEEE-519) compel to limit the total harmonic distortion within the acceptable range

    Published: Journal: Active power filters (APF), composite load, harmonic compensation, linear and non linear load, reactive power,IJSER

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  14. Tidal Power: An Effective Method of Generating Power[
    Shaikh Md. Rubayiat Tousif, Shaiyek Md. Buland Taslim
    This article is about tidal power. It describes tidal power and the various methods of

    Published: Journal: dynamic tidal power, tidal power, tidal barrage, tidal steam generator,IJSER

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  15. Design and Development of Fault Tolerent Control system for an Infant Incubator
    Suswetha Parisineti, Eswaran.P
    This paper proposes the design and implementation of real time monitoring of an infant incubator,

    Published: Journal: Sensor fault tolerant control, real time based, microcontroller, FTCS,IJSER

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