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  1. A QoS Based Web Service Selection through Delegation
    G. Vadivelou, E. IIavarasan, R. Manoharan, P. Praveen?
    Service selection is essential for fulfilling the requirements of service requestors. In the service oriented

    Published: Journal: Delegation Web Service, load balancing, Quality of Services, response time, Service selection, Service oriented architecture, VSDM,IJSER

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  2. Iatrogenic effects of Orthodontic treatment - Review on white spot lesions
    Sangamesh B., Amitabh Kallury
    Demineralization is an inevitable side effect associated with fixed appliance orthodontic treatment, especially associated with

    Published: Journal: Iatrogenic effects, White spot lesion, Incidence, Orthodontic Treatment, Duration, Oral hygiene, Etiology,,IJSER

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  3. A Study Of Effects Of Disease Caused Death In A Simple Epidemic Model
    Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh, Dr. Shekh Aqeel
    This paper is concerned with various effects of disease caused death on the host population

    Published: Journal: Mathematical modeling, Population size , Birth- rate , Death- rate & Infection rate.,IJSER

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  4. Autonomous Room Air Cooler Using Fuzzy Logic Control System
    M. Abbas, M. Saleem Khan, Fareeha Zafar
    This research paper describes the design and implementation of an autonomous room air cooler using

    Published: Journal: Fuzzy Logic Control, Inference Engine, MATLAB simulation and Rule Selection.,IJSER

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  5. Handwritten Character Recognition using Neural Network
    Chirag I Patel, Ripal Patel, Palak Patel
    Objective is this paper is recognize the characters in a given scanned documents and study

    Published: Journal: Optical Character Recognition, Artificial Nueral Network, Backpropogation Network, Skew Detection.,IJSER

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  6. A New Approach For Data Encryption Using Genetic Algorithms And Brain Mu Waves
    Gove Nitinkumar Rajendra, Bedi Rajneeshkaur?
    In today?s computer world security, integrity, confidentiality of the organization?s data is the most important

    Published: Journal: Mu waves, Genetic algorithms, Pseudorandom binary sequence, Encryption, Crossover operator, Data security, Confidentiality,IJSER

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  7. Use of Natural Compounds from Plant Sources as AchE Inhibitors for the Treatment of Early Stage Alzheimer?s disease-An Insilico Approach
    Amrendar Kumar, Abhilasha Singh, Biplab Bhattacharjee
    Traditionally, drugs were discovered by testing compounds manufactured in time consuming multi-step processes against a

    Published: Journal: Alzheiemr?s Disease, Acetylcholinesterase, Binding Affinity, Jatrorrhizine, Clinical Studies, Docking, Rational, toxicity,IJSER

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  8. Hybrid Mechanical Charger
    Ayush R Jain, Chinmay V Harmalkar
    Mobile phone is our means to remain connected. While the phones have progressively got more

    Published: Journal: Gear box, Generator, Handcrank, Windmill,IJSER

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  9. A Novel Real-time Intelligent Tele Cardiology System Using Wireless Technology To Detect Cardiac Abnormalities
    S.Kohila, K.Gowri
    This study presents a novel wireless, ambulatory, real-time, and auto alarm intelligent telecardiology system to

    Published: Journal: Atrial fibrillation (AF), ECG, Temperature Sensor, Expert Systems, Personal Computer, Wireless.,IJSER

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  10. A Novel Dynamic Key Management Scheme Based On Hamming Distance for Wireless Sensor Networks?
    R.Divya, T.Thirumurugan
    ?Numerous key management schemes have been proposed for sensor networks. The objective of key management

    Published: Journal: WSN?s, dynamic key management, collusion, hamming distance, security,IJSER

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  11. Speedy Deconvolution using Vedic Mathematics
    Rashmi K. Lomte, Prof.Bhaskar P.C
    Deconvolution is a computationally intensive digital signal processing (DSP) function widely used in applications such

    Published: Journal: Deconvolution, Non-Restoring algorithm, Urdhva Tiryagbhyam,IJSER

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  12. Different Approaches of Spectral Subtraction method for Enhancing the Speech Signal in Noisy Environments?
    Anuradha R. Fukane, Shashikant L. Sahare
    Enhancement of speech signal degraded by additive background noise has received more attention over the

    Published: Journal: speech enhancement; additive noise; Spectral Subtraction; intelligibility; Discrete Fourier Transform, vad.,IJSER

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  13. Economic Power Dispatch using Artificial Immune System
    R.Behera, B.B.Pati, B.P.Panigrahi
    This paper presents the genetic algorithm approach to adaptive optimal economic dispatch of Electrical Power

    Published: Journal: Antibody, Antigen, Cloning, Hypermutation, Optimization, Softcomputing,IJSER

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  14. Mining Knowledge Using Decision Tree Algorithm
    S.V. Kulkarni
    Industry is experiencing more and more competitions in recent years. The battle is over their

    Published: Journal: Attritor, Churning, CRM, cost matrix, decision tree, post processing algorithm, ROC curve,IJSER

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  15. Decreasing Inventory Levels Fluctuations by Moving Horizon Control Method and Move Suppression in the Demand Network
    Mohammad Miranbeigi, Aliakbar Jalali
    The significance of the basic idea implicit in the moving horizon control (MHC) has been

    Published: Journal: moving horizon control, production planning, supply chain management, move suppression term, inventory management,IJSER

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