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  1. Slant Transformation As A Tool For Pre-processing In Image Processing
    Nagaraj B Patil, V M Viswanatha, Dr. Sanjay Pande MB
    The Slantlet Transform (SLT) is a recently developed multiresolution technique especially well-suited for piecewise linear

    Published: Journal: Discrete Wavelet transform, Compression ratio, Data Compresion, Peak-signal-to-ratio(PNSR), Coding Inter Pixel, Slantlet Coefficients, Choppy Images.,IJSER

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  2. Separation of concerns in VoiceXML applications
    Sukhada P. Bhingarkar
    Many commercial applications provide customer services over the web like flight tracking, emergency notification,

    Published: Journal: AOP, AspectJ, ASR, IVR, TTS, VoiceXML, VXML,IJSER

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  3. Error of Approximation in Case of Definite Integrals
    Rajesh Kumar Sinha, Satya Narayan Mahto, Dhananjay Sharan
    This paper proposes a method for computation of error of approximation involved in case of

    Published: Journal: Quadrature rule, Simpsons rule, Chebyshev polynomials, approximation, interpolation, error.,IJSER

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  4. An Assessment model for Intelligence Competencies of Accounting Information Systems
    Mehdi Ghazanfari, Mostafa Jafari, Saeed Rouhani
    Accounting Information Systems (AIS) as computer-based systems that processes financial information and supports decision tasks

    Published: Journal: Business Intelligence; Decision Support; Accounting Information Systems; Assessment Model.,IJSER

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  5. Processing of Images based on Segmentation Models for Extracting Textured component
    V M Viswanatha, Nagaraj B Patil, Dr. Sanjay Pande MB
    The method for segmentation of color regions in images with textures in adjacent regions being

    Published: Journal: Texture segmentation, clustering, spital segmentation, slicing, texture composition, boundry value image, median-cut.,IJSER

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  6. An Adaptive and Efficient XML Parser Tool for Domain Specific Languages
    W. Jai Singh, S. Nithya Bala
    XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a standard and universal language for representing information. XML has

    Published: Journal: XML, Parser Tool, Document Object Model, SAX, XML Document, Document Validation,IJSER

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  7. Translation of Software Requirements
    Hanan Elazhary
    Stakeholders typically speak and express software requirements in their native languages. On the other hand,

    Published: Journal: Requirements, Software Engineering, Translation,IJSER

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  8. Tuning of FOPID Controller Using Taylor Series Expansion
    Ali Akbar Jalali, Shabnam khosravi
    In this paper, a direct synthesis approach to fractional order controller design Is investigated. The

    Published: Journal: FOPID controller, Taylor series expansion, second order model.,IJSER

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  9. Adaptive Classification of Web Mining Methods and Challenges of Customer Relationship Management Domain
    Siavash Emtiyaz, MohammadReza Keyvanpour
    In recent years, World Wide Web has been extended from research society to the most

    Published: Journal: CRM Challenges, Customer Relationship Management, Web Mining, Data Mining,IJSER

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  10. A Study of Carcinogenic Components Removal in Chemical Industry
    R.Uma Mythili,K.Kanthavel,R.Krishna Raj
    The chemical industries are involving with various surfaces coating process which develops pollutions like Carcinogenic

    Published: Journal: Environmental Production Agency, Hexavalent chromium, Scrubber, Trivalent chromium,IJSER

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  11. Effects of Socio-Demographic Covariates on Blood Glucose Level of the Diabetic Patients: A Multiple Classification Analysis (MCA)
    Md. Behzad Noor, Dr. Mir Mohammad Azad, Dr. J.A.M. Shoquilur Rahman
    This study has been undertaken to determine the socio-demographic related covariates affecting blood glucose level

    Published: Journal: Glucose Level of Diabetic Patients,IJSER

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  12. Optimization of Power Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Surendra bilouhan, Prof.Roopam Gupta
    In this paper, we consider the problem of discovery of information in a densely deployed

    Published: Journal: Wireless sensor networks, energy efficiency, scalability, CSMA, Sensor Sim , SIR, Low-power optimization , transmission strategy.,IJSER

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  13. A Robust H? Speed Tracking Controller for Underwater Vehicles via Particle Swarm Optimization
    MohammadPourmahmood Aghababa, Mohammd Esmaeel Akbari

    Published: Journal: H? controller, underwater vehicles, particle swarm optimization, robustness,IJSER

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  14. Crank-Nicolson scheme for numerical solutions of two-dimensional coupled Burgers? equations
    Vineet Kumar Srivastava, Mohammad Tamsir, Utkarsh Bhardwaj, YVSS Sanyasiraju
    The two-dimensional Burgers? equation is a mathematical model to describe various kinds of phenomena such

    Published: Journal: ? Burgers? equations; Crank-Nicolson scheme; ?nite- difference; Newton?s method; Reynolds number,IJSER

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  15. Implementation of Adaptive Modulation and Coding Technique using Matlab Part I: Physical Layer Design
    Sami H. O. SALIH, Mamoun M. A. SULIMAN
    Different order modulations combined with different coding schemes, allow sending more bits per symbol, thus

    Published: Journal: ?. Adaptive Modulation and Coding (AMC), Cognitive Radio (CR), LTE, Software Defined Radio (SDR), WiMAX,IJSER

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