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Home » Design and Analysis of Piezoelectric Smart Beam for Active Vibration Control

  1. Design and Analysis of Piezoelectric Smart Beam for Active Vibration Control

    Author Name: Deepak Chhabra, Kapil Narwal, Pardeep Singh

    This paper deals with the Active Vibration control of beam like structures with distributed piezoelectric actuator and sensor layers bonded on top and bottom surfaces of the beam. The patches are located at the different positions to determine the better control effect. The piezoelectric patches are placed on the free end, middle end and fixed end. The study is demonstrated through simulation in MATLAB for various controllers like Proportional Controller by Output Feedback, Proportional Integral Derivative controller (PID) and Pole Placement technique. A smart cantilever beam is modeled with SISO system. The entire structure is modeled using the concept of piezoelectric theory, Euler-Bernoulli beam theory, Finite Element Method (FEM) and the State Space techniques. The numerical simulation shows that the sufficient vibration control can be achieved by the proposed method.

    Date of published: 2014-03-20

    Journal Name: International Journal of Advancements in Research & Technology

    DOI: 1970-01-01

    Keywords: ijoart,Smart Structure, Finite Element model, State Space model, Proportional Output feedback, PID, Pole Placement

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