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Home » Mobile Cloud Application Design Process Model for Education

  1. Mobile Cloud Application Design Process Model for Education

    Author Name: Paduri Veerabhadram, D de.Beer, Pieter Conradie

    The mobile cloud computing has the significant scope to change the whole education system. In this paper, cloud computing is introduced as exist and new rapidly growing and accepted way of providing better and efficient application for mobile device. In this paper we examine how to influence a cloud computing application data storage and influence on these technologies takes the education. Cloud computing is emerging as one of the most important branch for providing seamless applications on mobile devices. This paper provides mobile users with data storage and processing services on a cloud computing platform. We believe cloud computing will surely improve the current system of education and improve quality at an affordable cost. This paper presents the positive impact of using mobile cloud application design process model architectures for education sector upon e-learning and m-learning solutions development in future. In this paper, we discuss how to influence on mobile cloud computing application data storage and influence on this technology to take education to a wider mass of students’ country.

    Date of published: 1970-01-01

    Journal Name: Acta Engineering Aufau Periodicals

    DOI: 1970-01-01

    Keywords: Cloud Computing, Mobile Learning, Electronic Learning, Mobile Cloud Application Design Process Model Architecture

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