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Home » A Hybrid Active Filter For Harmonic Reduction Of Single Phase System By Voltage Injection At Line Side

  1. A Hybrid Active Filter For Harmonic Reduction Of Single Phase System By Voltage Injection At Line Side

    Author Name: Karthikrajan.S

    This proposal describes a hybrid active filter intended for eliminating the line-side harmonic currents of a single-phase 8-pulse diode rectifier used as the front end of a medium-voltage high-power motor drive without regenerative braking. In Existing methods the 18-pulse and 24-pulse diode rectifier along with Multiwinding phase-shift transformer and PWM inverter is used and it may results in voltage imbalances that produce bad effect on cancelling harmonic currents at line side and cost will be more. In this method the hybrid active filter is characterized by series connection of a single tuned LC filter and an active filter. This circuit configuration brings low cost, small size, and light weight to the hybrid filter. The LC filter is tuned to the 11th-harmonic frequency, and the active filter is based on a three-level neutral point-clamped pulse width modulation converter (NPCPWM) with a dc capacitor voltage as low as 28 V. The controller continuously checks the line distortions with help of potential transformer connected to the line and injects the harmonics to the line from the active filter and the 1st, 5th, 7th, 11th or 13th harmonics are reduced. The efficiency of the front end motor drive will increase and the results in lower cost and smaller size than the former system

    Date of published:

    Journal Name: IJSER, International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research


    Keywords: Active filters, Harmonic distortion, Motor drives, NPCPWM- Neutral Point-clamped Pulse Width Modulation, Rectifiers,IJSER

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