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Home » Determinants of the Lapacians on the $n$-dimensional unit sphere $\textbf{S}^n$

  1. Determinants of the Lapacians on the $n$-dimensional unit sphere $\textbf{S}^n$

    Author Name: Junesang Choi

    During the last three decades, the problem of evaluation of the determinants of the Laplacians on Riemann manifolds has received considerable attention by many authors. The functional determinant for the $k$-dimensional unit sphere ${\bf S}^k$ with the standard metric has been computed in several ways. Here we aim at computing the determinants of the Laplacians on ${\bf S}^k$ $(k=2n+1)$ by mainly using ceratin closed-form evaluations of the series involving Zeta function.

    Date of published: 2013-09-27

    Journal Name: Advances In Difference Equations

    DOI: Not Available

    Keywords: Advances In Difference Equations

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