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Home » Ozone vertical variations during a typhoon derived from the OMI observations and reanalysis data

  1. Ozone vertical variations during a typhoon derived from the OMI observations and reanalysis data

    Author Name: YunFei Fu, Tao Xian, DaRen Lu, GuoSheng Liu, ZhiWei Heng

    Typhoon is considered to play a key role in the dynamical exchange processes taking place between the troposphere and stratosphere. In this paper, the impact of typhoon on the ozone distribution in the upper troposphere and middle stratosphere is investigated using ozone profiles measured by Aura's Ozone Monitoring Instrument and meteorological fields from reanalysis data. During the passage of Typhoon Hai-Tang in 2005 over the western North Pacific, low values of ozone column above 200 hPa and ozone mixing ratio between the upper troposphere and the middle stratosphere (from 200 to 50 hPa) are observed right above the typhoon's track, a result due to the strong upward propagation of air associated with overshooting convection in typhoon. A comparative analysis of different stages of Hai-Tang suggests that in the region where typhoon has higher intensity the troposphere-to-stratosphere transport is enhanced. These results indicated that the typhoon has a significant impact on the ozone variation in the upper troposphere and the middle stratosphere.

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