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Home » Analysis of Routing Protocols for Highway Model without Using Roadside Unit and Cluster

  1. Analysis of Routing Protocols for Highway Model without Using Roadside Unit and Cluster

    Author Name: B. Ramakrishnan, Dr. R. S. Rajesh, R. S. Shaji

    VANET is an advanced version of Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET). Therefore, the protocols used in the MANET are applicable to the VANET also. The VANET communication has attracted the attention of the researchers who are engaged in preventing traffic accidents and traffic jams. The earlier VANET models discussed only the communication among vehicles through the RSU. Most of the researchers used standard 802.11 for VANET model considering the mobile nodes of the city environments. This paper discusses the latest VANET technology 802.11p and constructs a vehicular model in which the nodes are moving outside the city. Without using the RSUs, each vehicle in the network is treated as a router to communicate with the neighboring vehicles. With the use of the proposed Simple Highway Model and the latest VANET technology, 802.11p are used to study the performance of routing protocols. The standard VANET routing protocols are applied to the above mentioned VANET model and their characteristics are compared with the use of NS 2.34 version simulator and their results are presented

    Date of published:

    Journal Name: MANET, VANET, SHWM, OBU , RSU, clusters, sans clusters,IJSER


    Keywords: IJSER, International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research

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